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April 16, 2006



That is just business man. She does support the gay community but at the same time she has to deal with politics. Plus Patti is down with the black Church as well she just doesn't agree with all of their ways.

taylor Siluwé

Just business?!!

That kind of support isn't really support at all. Think about it, and get back to me.


It's support none the less. Many black gay men do the same thing. They support those same churches that deny them. At least with her i'm sure she is making a profit from it where as the gay men themselves are just giving up money to these churches.

taylor Siluwé

Okay. But gay men who sit in churchs where the pastor vilifies their very existance are (for lack of a better word) fools.

Bishop Eddie Long supports a constitutional amendment to deny my rights. He uses his ministry to bluster fiery homophobic rhetoric. This fuels hate. Bottom line. It tells people that gays don't deserve god or the equal right to love.

The weak minds of the world take this a step further, and actually injure (and kill) gays who cross their paths.

In that sense, Bishop Long (and his ilk) are complicit and all the madness that is clearly rooted in homophobia.

I love Pattie. But by singing in his church to promote herself, she is selling her soul to the same devil that is inhibiting one Bishop Eddie Long.

Until she makes this right, I will continue to urge gay people (and those who support equality of all) to turn their backs on her.


Consider my back officially turned. It's not like she NEEDED to promote her CD at the devil's church. So, to say that it's "just business" is some naive bullshit.


is it just me or does eddie long look like patti labellle in drag lol maybe patti is eddie long maybe they are same person


Lawdy,sya it ain't so! Patti Labelle is my all time favorite entertainer bar none. I remember when I first got exposed to her and that Powerhouse voice. I was a young (and gay) soldier stationed in Ft. Campbell Ky (1982-4) home of the WORLD'S "FINEST" FIGHTING MEN, and I was at a Gay house party and I heard Ms. Labelle singing Love and need and want you. Lord, I got hooked immediately to her voice. I was full of Canadian Mist and juice and was feeling quite nice that day. And Ms. Labelle has been my favorite entertainer ever since.

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