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September 03, 2006


Bryce K. Dixon

Peace to you and yours willie

Nasheed Abdul-Wakil

Willi Ninja returned the Essence?!!!????

I never met the brother. I've never been to a ball. I just know him from having seen "Paris Is Burning" at least fifty times (that's probably a conservative estimate). So, why are my eyes are filled with tears as I'm writing this?

He and Freddie Pendavis have been on my mind this week because I finally got a hold of the "Paris Is Burning" DVD. First, I re-watched the film. Then I re-watched the film with the audio commentary on. Running commentary on the film was provided by director Jennie Livingston, her editor (I don't know his name), Freddie Pendavis and Willi Ninja. Their commentary provided fitting closure for me on a host of the original cast/subjects who have passed away over the years. A couple of the original cast members had passed away by 1990 when the film was breaking attendance records at NY's Film Forum theatre (a record it holds to this day). Willi sadly commented to Freddie during the commentary that they were the only two remaining main subjects of the film. Freddie provided a list of others still living; however couldn't put faces with the names he mentioned.

He was brilliant, talented and beautiful. I still can't fathom that he's gone.

May Peace Be upon the soul known as Willi Ninja forever.

taylor Siluwé

What a beautiful tribute to Willie Ninja, Nasheed!

Thank you for leaving it here.

Rob Da' Noize Temple

Rest In Peace my brother, now your'e home in a place of peace in the arms of our Creator. Thank you for all your friendship contributions and insight. You leave a legacy that will never fade away......God Bless

Nasheed Abdul-Wakil

Peace, taylor:

Thank you for your warm words. Brother, the sheer beauty of the presentation of your site, the reflective, well-written blog entries and the joy of having so much information centrally located inspired my contribution. I just found your site last night. I sent you an e-mail to the address listed on your Yahoo Profile last night. Did you receive it?

I am your brother.



Willi will truly be missed.




Hi, it's me, Naviv, the singer, you don't know. Maybe some of you do.
I first met Willie when I was way under age hanging out at Tracks. I got in because the staff tuck me under their wing. I was young, just a girl, really...(yes a real girl)and from the suburbs. I was in NYC going to college, School of Visual Arts. Well, children, why did some other girl up in there start to like me!? And her girlfriend wanted to fight me because of it. Now, I hadn't even kissed a girl yet!! I told both of them to leave me alone and went downstairs. I stopped to take a breath before getting my coat and who was next to me....Mr. Ninja himself...before he was famous. I looked at him and told him what happened. And I said "I am going home." He smiled, leaned agains me and said. "That is the best thing for you to do." I went got my coat and dashed. Willie was always sweet, sincere and YES the best voguer. New York can be cold, he was never any of those things.
Willie, all of us you touched will always remember you and love you.

Before I forget....



I'm so sad that Willi is gone. I never met him or saw a ball, except on Paris IS Burning, but I feel there is a great chasm that has been left with his passing. He was an original and there will never be another. RIP, Brother Willi.


Taylor, I wanted to thank you for the great article you posted on Willi. His funeral was last night and there were very few dry eyes in the house. Many, Many people loved him. He was the husband that I never got to marry. He will be sorely missed. If you knew him for a day, he changed your life. In November there will be a benefit to raise money for his hospitalization and also to help support his mother who suffers from Parkinson's Disease.

Keep the light on!

taylor Siluwé

Javier ...

thanks for reporting on the funeral. And please keep me posted on the November fundraiser.

Willie's mom should be all our moms, and its nice to know we take care of our own.


You're welcome. I will try to keep as many people informed as possible. Willi's MySpace page is being kept up but you can get information from his manager Aimee and also our dear friend Emmanuel Xavier.

Keep the light on!


i see his own house didn't really do anything in his honor. i looked everywhere and nothing. i guess people didn't love him like he thought.


not another fundraiser. How about getting insurance before you get the kitty so we tax payers don't have to pay or we club kids don't have to continue to give to people who died so their families can steal the money. it happens all the time chile.


I heard there was some shady characters at the funeral that I am glad I did not attend. I find those fag gatherings boring and trite. everyone is acting like they loved hiim and on and on when in actuality they are glad she is gone long gone and wondering why it took so long. I know for a fact that willie used to smoke crack and pop xstacy. so i can only guess she took one hit too many and it did her in honey.


I know aimee only put a few line on her page how cheap. She should have had an all out party to go out like williw wanted to go out with a bang. all she did was type a few lines for free on her page. boo how cheap and niggerish


i do not do niggaz


emmanuel xavier is a kee kee. she thinks she can write poetry. how sad. i am personally glad they beat that bitch wit a bat. rata tat tat.


the scene is full of ugly ducklins who can't be seen by day so they all come out at night: fright night that is. very horrible especially that kool aide miz hoe ugllllly grewsome


now aimee is stealing all the cash. she knows where the money is hidden betcha. aimee is stealin right now.


Why is the scene filled with these ghetto ugly people? I am afraid to go out. I just saw these fugly queens walking in the village. One had this blonde weave on one side of it's head and the other ones were too dark to see at night. Awful. I was scared. I clutched my pocket book. Willie used to scare me with her bad teeth and that wendy williams weave. I am glad i don't have to view her mugg anymore. she was ugly.


i can't stand these dark ones. i am not seeing them at all. they always come up to me and try to get my number. hell no i am too good for them.


Legendary Willie Ninja has passed but his grace and dexterity as a dancer will be remembered for pioneering underground NY black culture to worldwide attention. Here in the UK a truncated version of Paris Is Burning was actually shown on mainstream television quite soon after its release and off course with Madonna's magpie eye the world woke up to a part of gay culture far removed from the usual white stereotypes usually seen in the media. This was 'FIERCE' and in your face, no one could deny the originality and energy of the dancers involved and a lot of people were captivated by the glamour and conflama of it all. The critical and box office acclaim of Paris Is Burning is testament to that. ( I really wish that the recently released DVD had included a double disc as there must be so much footage of those dancer many who have passed and it would have been a fitting tribute) Willie thanks although i never met you personally for inspiring so many and realising that despite being marginalised in the media you showed that with creative talent you can actually achieve your dreams. I have somewhere a videotape of you and friends rehearsing for Malcolm McClaren 'Deep In Vogue' video which i will have to search out and transfer to DVD and some clips on to youtube.

Finally to those of you who come on here to leave nasty remarks about someone who has passed you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is not a forum for your bitter or jealous remarks about someone who had talent and was able to share it with the world.


i am sorry for saying those stupid things i was just jealous: Willie is a lengend and always will be. Peace to all his family and especially his mom. Peace!!!!


Sometimes you have to wonder if chimeras live, cuz, lord, it seems they have an awful lot of hatchlings.

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