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November 15, 2006



OMG!! That clip was so funny! (Yes its the same thing). Darryl is still hot.

Adam Appel

Oh my GAWD.

The Rapidshare file is a scene from the movie, which contains one of the funniest scenes and features Darryl Stephens in a thong and a sex scene. If you haven't gotten it yet I can upload it to my FTP and you can download it later tonight.


Julien Roland

hey there
i dowloaded the clip from rapidshare. you just have to pick the "free" option to download it. the file is too big for me to send it via email
that picture is actually taken from the clip (if i got your question right. lol)
i could send it via yousendit, but you might have to register there too (it's free, though)

take care

taylor Siluwé

Okay, I finally saw it. I'm a little RapidShare challenged.


I'm more in love now than ever, if that's even possible. He's gonna invade my dreams tonight. I pray.


Darryl Stephen's ass is lovely. I like what I see.


Damn, I could download it, but I couldn't open it.


Somebody needs to put this clip on youtube.com


YouTube probably won't accept it. Xtube instead.

faye harris

its a clip from the movie called another gay movie and he played, a dancer named angel.


i, too, downloaded it from rapidshare but it would not play. anywhere else i can get it? someplace where i could download it to my hard drive for repeated viewing at my leisure?


BTW, like bernie, i use a mac


Try this google video link http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2451625800081021652&pr=goog-sl


DAAAAAAaaaayummmmm!!!!! I like that right there!! I wasnt really all that impressed with him until now..He looks really deep!!

Kizeeta & Siare Williams

the dvd comes out on nov. 21..its a funny movie..i saw it twice.


whell alrighteythen. excellent shots. i'm back posting again, so stop on through.

missed ya,



Taylor it is a must download.................and it is free


Call Jesus and notify the saints! I don't think I can even cope with that. Hmmmm.


Darryl is definitely beautiful. He is so very beautiful. Though in the end, by topping the two white men, isn't he playing to white gay fantasies that want to see him in black on white action?


You guys are RIGHT ON but as delicious looking as
Darryl is, Christian Vincent isn't exactly
chopped liver. I'm crushed at the news that
Noah's Arc won't be picked up for a third season.
One of the great pleasures in life is to fully
utilize the zoom feature on a dvd player to draw
gorgeous muscles closer to one's face.

Daniel Maldonado

hes so sweet, i met him at outfest film festival last july and he signed me an autograph, i also met alexis arquette and calpernia addams but i dont have a crush on them! he is so beautiful and nice. thanks for finding this material


I really don't know when these scenes were shot but they
pail considerably with those OFFERED UP on Noah's ARC.
Darryl has FILLED OUT rather nicely. He's THICK & CUT in
all the right places. Simply a GORGEOUS HUNK OF CHOCOLATE
that has this dude SALIVATING UP A STORM. What's not to
like- a sweet smile to go along with a pair of luscious lips, pointy-perfect pecs, washboard abs, club-like biceps,
powerful thighs & strong layered back muscles. For my money
he wouldn't have to say a word- just lay sprawled shirtless
on the bedsheets waiting for my magic.

taylor Siluwé

You better preach, Thomas. Beautifully stated.

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