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June 08, 2011



I wish I knew what to say, except that I know that everyone and myself give you all their strongest, most sincere hopes for a full and rapid recovery.

Maybe check into a hotel or stay at a friend's place until the AC in your house is up? I remember that when a next door neighbor was pregnant one long hot summer and suffering from bouts of nausea, she was always sucking on ice chips, which she said made her feel better. I would hear her at all hours through the apartment's wall hammering on ice cubes in a bag, and she always carried around a thermos of them when she went out.

I wonder now why it didn't occur to either of us to buy an ice chipping machine. Money was a bit tight for both of us (still is for me...insert pathetic whining here by someone who gets by OK and should be counting his blessings instead)...which is why we were neighbors after all, but money was not near all that tight that neither she or myself couldn't afford one...which is also why we were neighbors.

Let's see...nausea... I get unpredictable, but fortunately for me, not frequent at all and fairly mild attacks of that, apparently because of my sometimes annoying but not otherwise serious genetic thingy (thanks so bloody hell much for that, Scandinavian ancestors), so I'll have to remember to try this myself. And being cheap (it's apparently a Minnesota Norwegian thing which I inherited from my father), it doesn't cost anything at all!

I just remembered a CSI episode where one investigator was creepily grinning like the Cheshire cat on Alice in Wonderland drugs. She said that grinning like that stifles nausea, and she briefly explained why, but I forget...and can a half remembered, fictional television drama from some years back possibly be wrong?

Seriously, we all send you our love, and hopes for you to get though your trial by medicine and back into robust health...very, very soon.


I will keep sending positive energies your way.

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