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November 10, 2006



I believe the LGBT community would be better off if more of us were out and proud. Straight people, whether allies or enemies, would see our enormous numbers and a great many arguments about our basic right to exist would become moot.

Having said that, I think coming out must be a personal choice and individual decision. We're all in different situations and subject to different consequences should we choose to come out. That must always be factored into any coming out decision.

But having now said that, I agree with you, that hypocrites should be outted. Anyone who wants to stand in judgement of others who are publicly doing what they are also doing, but behind closed doors, should be revealed to the world. No one should be allowed to use their power or position to oppress the LGBT community, when they are also of that community but too afraid or confused or deranged to acknowledge and accept it.


This is purely a personal choice. If the closeted person has not said or been involved with some act of negativity towards the glbt community, they should be left alone to come out in their own time and mental/emotional journey.


Good observations. "For the greater good" isn't always good. It's a
judgement call, and not everyone has good judgement.

Who doesn't experience a little moment of schadenfreuden when
hypocrites are exposed? Why not? But don't let the moment linger too
long. Enjoy the moment yes, but beware of becoming addicted to the
feeling. That is not good.

I would sort of feel better about "outing" if the person who is
going to be outed was given a few days, at least, in which to invent
a personal growth and transformation story, even if it's a pretty
dubious story. One should usually try to salvage another man's
dignity, if one can, if only for kismit.

That may help bring about the person to be more of a future member
of the gay community rather than a resentful mess who thinks he can
announce to his flock that he was "cured" and "forgiven" and then go
on gay bashing as usual...

On the other hand, the to-be-outed person may feel that he is being
blackmailed instead of given a chance to salvage his dignity. He may
think he must conform or be destroyed. Not good at all and possibly
quite dangerous not only to him, but also to the group or person
doing the "outing."

So, perhaps the "give the hypocrite some time" may work if it comes
from a trusted aquaintence (but he probably doesn't have such an
aquaintence if he's that deep in hypocrisy), but otherwise just do
it and let the crap hit the fan and fly where it may...? Or, maybe

It's a judgement call, and the one who is doing the calling should
expect to be judged as well. As Methodist moralists call it..."the
burden of responsibilty."


This is an interesting topic. I am in favor of reaching out to those powerful dl brothers and sisters with education and enlightenment if their policies and influence are doing harm to the community. I am confident that those with discriminatory policies are operating under misinformation and fear. Outing can be used as a last resort. It can be freeing to the closeted as well as to the community as a whole. As the saying goes "the truth will set you free".

al harris

I actually enjoy when right wing hypocrites such as
Rev. Haggard are outed. I think being open or dl is a
personal choice: We don't ask straight people if they:
"suck d--k, or eat coochie." What I don't like is when
politicians, ministers, etc. preach against sgl's and
they cruise me!

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