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July 15, 2007


j. brotherlove

Hudson needs to distance herself from Holiday and stop accepting these types of gigs. She's a talented singer in her own right. Pandering to Holiday (who is clearly benefiting from Hudson's buzz) is embarrassing. I can understand why she's bitter about it.

People remake songs and roles all the time. By accepting the role or Effie (and doing a great job with it), all Hudson owes Holiday is a "thank you" for establishing such a rich role.

taylor Siluwé

J ...

I agree a bit. If I were Hudson, I wouldn't be so keen on standing next to Holiday. However, I also wouldn't try to tell a woman of her calibre what to do either.

Hudson, in the grand scheme of things, has been a star for 5 seconds. Understandably her sudden fame and allure has gone to her head. She needs to take a breath, back her shit down, and learn from the divas that have paved the way for her ass.

cocoa rican

Holliday is my girl, so the antics of the J-Hud are all the more disturbing. Go figure... my girl continues to prove why 25 years after her original performance she IS the true Effie.

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