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December 01, 2007



That is a shame about the magazine. Black gay men have few outlets to be heard as it is. Maybe things will work out. Time will tell.


In a world of specifically targeted, instant information via the Internet, general interest monthly and quarterly magazines have absolutely no future. It was an idea for a bygone era.

taylor Siluwé

You're right Bernie, I think all publishiing has taken a hit due to the internet -- e-books and the like are taking over, new gizmos are making hard-copy less necessary.

A magazine in this day an age has to have an online presense as well, which is something Pulse never had. When I first heard of it I went to Pulse.com and Pulsemagazine.com and couldn't find it. Bad sign.

But I still believe nothing can replace the glossy, hard-copy sitting on the coffee table. I hope Pulse pulls this out, because I enjoyed the magazine extremely.

Cocoa Rican

Darn...I really liked Pulse!

Wil Lavender

I have to admit, I don't have the money to save the mag, but I really loved the articles. I hope that this is just a rumor, a really bad one.

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