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November 06, 2008



It really, really sucks that certain people have decided to make the whole Prop 8 thing a racial issue. Clearly basic math isn't the strong suit of these kneejerk jerks. The figures don't add up. Over at menofcolor.blogs there's these figures: "For every 10 African Americans who voted for the ban, there were 44 whites and 14 Hispanics. Of those that voted for the ban, 60% were white, 13% black, 18% Hispanic, 6% Asian, and 3% other."


I don't think Prop 8 was so much a racial issue as it was a religious issue based on fear, superstition and ignorance. Blacks and Hispanics are very religious. The church plays a large role in our respective communities. Bigots latched on to this and used it to fuel their campaigns. It's inriguing to me how people, who otherwise would not give each other the time of day, come together to protect their interests or the interests of the group (the enemy of my enemy is my friend?) In addition, Blacks and Hispanics have notoriously homophobic cultures. My heart goes out to our LGBT brothers and sisters in Africa and South America and the Carribian (and Muslim countries), where being out can get you jailed, beaten or killed. We should enjoy the progress we HAVE made in light of this knowledge.

Plus I think the argument needs to be re-framed. We have a right to have our unions recognized by the State as the rights we desire are civil issues. We do not have a right to have the church recognize a "marriage". The church and the state are constitutionally separate (at least in theory), so we no "right" to seek recognition from the church. I think this is why the campaign failed, even if by a narrow margin (though I think the narrow margin is encouraging and says a lot about the progressive nature of society). Too, we should remember issues about peoples' rights are a continual and progressive campaign. This was just one battle.


Oops, Caribbean, even.


I am not polite in taking about the larger gay community to task for its racism. Fed up with the lies, the political correct idea of being ONE community when I witness so much stupidity in our representative media all the way down to the local level where polite prejudices are the norm AND most are unwilling to discuss the subject in order to overcome the inequalities, stereotypes etc. to truly BE one community. So, am I surprised by the blatant racism being shown? No.

Then, I have also never given Afro Diasporic gay men a free ride with respect to what they are willing to put up with to present a false rainbow face to the larger world. Whether BROWN or white, straight or gay----there is blame and irresponsibility that is shared/held in common!

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