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December 03, 2008



perhaps a musical should be written about the hypocricy in larger gay culture. the carding of Afro american men at doors, the closing down of establishments if they are perceived to be gradually coming too black. lets not forget the REPEATED stereotyping of afro diasporic men as being incapable of desiring one another--an image widespread in gay culture and the larger culture thanks to the larger gay community!!! Topping it all off, the fact that the larger gay community is quick to want US to aide helping with those things important to them, but put our issues such as racism always on the back burner in the name of upholding some dumbass lie of ONE people under a dumbass rainbow flag.

Don't be angry with me. I am tired and want real CHANGE--NOW!!!!

Taylor Siluwé

LOL! I could never get angry with you. And I agree with about 90% of what you say.

Yes, WE SHOULD create a humorous little number about how black gays are treated differently than white gays. Racists policies right here in NYC prohibiting anything head wrap wear -- bandanna, doo-rag, etc. ....

This really pissed me off after I cut my locks and my head felt nakes and I ALWAYS wrapped something around by bald naked dome. One bar in particular--which shall remain nameless [no, fuck that, its the HANGAR]--did this twice and I stopped going completely.

I was going to write an article about it and arranged an interview with one of the owners, but it fell through at the last minute and my anger cooled.

So, like I said, I agree with you. That other issue is one we'll always have to agree to disagree. :-)

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