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January 14, 2009



Wow, got to watch this story. Although the driver is not my type, neither are bears and cubs, so to each his own.


LOL good point - although, I know some very attractive people who are sex addicts and pursue anything with a pulse just because they can, and at least two people in positions of power who take advantage of 'underlings' - just because they can.

As for objectifying Asian men - there's always someone with a chip on their shoulder whining about someone of another race supposedly objectifying them. Funnily enough, they're exactly the same people who whine when they're marginalised or ignored...

Taylor Siluwé

I wish someone would objectify ME. Pleeeeeze...


I wonder if Eddie is looking for a new driver? You know if he's taking applications?

Taylor Siluwé

Ooooh!!! Oh, wait, he's not really my type.

But then again, he's rich. Hmmm.....

No. Couldn't do it.

I never date or fool around with anyone who's ass I can't kick in a pinch.

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