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March 01, 2009



Tyler Perry is an absolute genius. He KNOWS his audience and that's a very rare talent. He's one of the most profitable, if not the most profitable, filmmakers working today. His films don't cost much, but their box office take is huge. Plus TP writes, directs, acts...

And while I haven't seen the current version of "Madea Goes to Jail". I did see the stage play version on DVD. And it was absolutely hilarious.

I concur with you on Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood also know his audience and the film did very well. He should have named it "Dirty Harry meets his Asian Neighbors", however.

As for Revolutionary Road. Who wants to see a depressed 1950's suburbia housewife give herself an abortion. Really. I mean really.

Taylor Siluwé

I agree Mike. I purposely left out all the "gay" oriented comments made about Tyler, although I agree with them as well.

Tyler is a huge talent, and I've loved him since first seeing "...Mad Black Woman" play on DVD. I've been hooked ever since. I just saw "Why did I get Married" on Netflix the other day and I had become maybe favorite flick of his to date. It was funny and brilliant.

However, I still have my issues with Tyler's assumed "down-low"ness. And for someone in his position to continue the ruse (or, as with The Queen, the smug silence) annoys the fcuk out of me.

For that reason I don't go to either of their movies. Its a small feeble protest, but it makes me feel better.


so is it bad that I was OVER the moon that Madea gave those boys a spanking @ the box office?

Taylor Siluwé

Oh no, not bad at all.

Actually, I've wanted to spank the Jonas Brothers myself.

Especially the one in the middle, the obviously gay one, 'cause he's got an ass to drive this middle-aged man insane.

And calm down -- he's completely legal.

Wil Lavender

Let me say this, I have not seen this movie but have seen the play. I think and I am so proud that his movie beat the--well you know the rest out of that Jonas Brother movie. Finding movies that put us in a positive light and conveys a message is something that is rare. We have either had someone that was like Medea in our family or we wish we had someone like her in our family. I would spend my money watching a Tyler Perry film then watching some teens running around in the street. Besides when they get old there will be the next teens in tight jeans doing the same thing.


Their collective mops of hair frighten me.



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