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March 09, 2009



I suppose there are NO black gay men in the world...

Taylor Siluwé

Yeah. Just like there are NO GAYS in Iran.

On another note: What's that song in the clip?


Taylor Siluwé

I also would LOVE to see a contestant from Jamaica!!

Now that would be hot -- and bold step forward for the troubled island nation.


Talyor. Did you apply?

Taylor Siluwé

LMAO!!! Twenty years ago I wasn't the pageant sort.


Thanx for the post Taylor. I once competed in the Mr. Gay America pageant (but that was ten years and 40 pounds ago). Your exactly right - it's sad that at the Mr. Gay WORLD contest there are no black men. Not sure what the problem could be. It could be that globally - black men to take your advice and step up. Or it could be black men are stepping up and participating in these countries pageants but they're just crowning white men as the winners. Whatever the problem lets hope there is a resolution in 2010.


Oh yeah - I almost forgot. The song in the clip is named Mercy and it's by Duffy. Check out my blog The J Spot (phxjay.blogspot.com). Ironically just yesterday I did a list of the 10 most soulful white female singers. She didn't make my list but she was my only honorable mention.

Taylor Siluwé

Duffy!! Yes. She's the one who Adele beat out for the Grammy. This song in going immediating into my MP3 player. Thanx Jason!!


Yeah, I wonder if there just aren't alot blk men trying out.

Taylor Siluwé

That's a distinct possibility.

Though, the 'why' behind it I can't say.


As much as it would be convenient to point the finger and cry "racism", I think it's *highly* unlikely that the body responsible for this competition is actively exluding anyone other than fats and the ugly. You hit the nail on the head - they just ain't applying. Simple as that. The small matter of death sentences might have something to do with it, but what do I know, I'm just a eejit Irish boi...

Taylor Siluwé

i didn't know u had Irish in ya boi!

no wonder i dream about getting you nekked!


I don't have Irish "in me", I AM Irish! lol... And please, keep dreaming, it's good practice. I bet yours ain't a patch on what I'm thinking though ;)

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