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March 06, 2009


Wil Lavender

This is a tragedy that this has or had happen. My question is how can the school be responsible about this?

Taylor Siluwé

The school isn't responsible. Jessica's mom is rightfully distraught and looking to blame someone. But what I said is true, if Jessica had believed that her openness about her body and about sex was okay, she wouldn't be dead.

Her mother said that she was furious when she first found out. "Furious". Interesting - what kind of uptight conservative religious household did she grow up in? When will people learn that the Preacher's Daughter symdrome is real -- just ask TD Jakes.

She wants to blame the school, she wants to blame the kids, but she knows who the real person is who may have been able to stop Jessica from going that route. Parents need to be open with their kids about sex. Because when it comes to sex, JUST SAY NO is a recipe for disaster.

Wil Lavender

I agree after rereading and watching. I feel that she does want to blame someone for something that her daughter felt bad about. What I can not understand is this. When I or you or anyone take a picture and send it to someone then don't you feel OK about your body to do so? Teens more so then adults should know that what you do can be saved and altered. It is bad that this has happened, but if you are going to blame anyone--blame the person who did it, meaning the daughter and then the person who spread it. Not the school. Schools are not parents just like clubs are not responsible for who we take home.


TRUE THAT!! Taylor you hit it on the head. Much of it is the parent's perspective and the religious community's fault. If they were so up tight and prudish about sex, sexuality and nudity the girl would probably be alive.

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