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March 23, 2009



i so agree with every thing you just said!

Wil Lavender

I agree with everything you said as well. However could it be that the mindset of the black community that is not gay has to change first? To be black and gay for a black male in a black family is not easy.Even though you did not make a reference to a male but a female. When you have baptist churches that pounds into you every Sunday about how being gay is a sin, coming out is very hard to do. Selling yourself as a white person that is coming out is easier to do then trying to please your black audience. However I have to say that if more of us were to come out, meaning African Americans, it would make a huge difference in how our society will view us. Or for those who want to come out and look up to those that they think that are. Coming out is never easy but I am sure we all know when we do, it is smooth sailing from there.


I wrote about this on my blog the other day about the ONE Tyler Perry. I took the leave them in the closet angle because I felt that there is NO community out here for them. I mean yes I know that they'd bring a something different but are we as gay community there yet? I look @ it like this, there are bloggers like yourself that bring the REALNESS of who we are, but it is the in one ear and out the other...onto the floor then it is stepped on...would I LOVE for Queen Latifah to step out? HELL YES! I just wonder if we are ready for her?

Taylor Siluwé

Well gaytekeeper, I, for one, am ready for her.

It's funny, but last night P accused me of being out of line by calling her out. My response - its not like I'm camped out in front of her house with a bullhorn shouting "Come out you big butch!". LOL

We both got a belly laugh at that.

But yes, its hard Wil. But those of us who've done it came from those same black churches so we know how hard it is. Pat Robertson and his ilk don't run my life. Neither does Creflo Dollar, or the Pastoress herself, TD Jakes.

And like you said, Wil, once you take the plunge its all smooth sailing. It's like your first rollercoaster ride -- scary as hell, but you immediately want to do it again.


I wholeheartedly concur with the idea that we need more out Black celebrities and notables. The visibility, as you point out, will do so much for the Black LGBT community. However, coming out(which, I am sorry, always seems like a confession to me) is an intensely person endeavor which may entail anything from hateful statements to outright assault or even death. For celebrities this can translate into an effect on their earning power. So do we want Gay Black celebrities who are hardly influential, out and happy or do we want Black celebrities who are influential, closeted and wealthy? In the end, I think it is up to the individual, for they are the ones who must bear the consequences, for good or ill. We can simply throw our love and support behind the ones who do choose to come out, like Wanda Sykes.

Taylor Siluwé

In our convo the other day, "P" made a similar point about the inherent difficulties of assualt and even death.

But in the push for civil rights, some blacks said similar things - "its too dangerous!", "don't make waves!", "you'll lose your job if you speak up!"

Fortunately for us, there were brave souls who said -- FUCK THAT!


Wow! I agree with you. I LOVE Queen, but, I can see where she's coming from, when it comes to her private life.


Taylor Siluwé

Just saw MILK and had a few epiphanies.


I so totally agree. I just did a blog on homophobia and hip hop (check it out - www.jasonhowardgreen.com) I thought it may have Milk that triggered you to do this post. It's hard for me to believe that you could see that story and stay in the closet. We need our heroes (our Black heroes) to start coming out. Serious kudos go to Wanda Sykes, Rahsaan Patterson, Mechelle N'degeocello, Donnie - those artist that have been brave enough to make that step. But there are so many more that should following their lead.

Keep up the great work Taylor.

Taylor Siluwé

Thanx, Jason. I will be nosing around in your site soon.

But its strange, I did this post and then MILK arrived from Netflix. Funny how the stars align just right sometimes.

As for, Rahsaan Patterson (although I haven't dug deeply through his story), lately he's been coming off as one of those "I was molested and that's why I gay" types, too damn close to Donnie McClurkin's holier than thou but still extremely gay ass for my taste. Too many people are trying to "cure" gayness as it is without these sad cases clouding the issue.

Yes, some young boys get molested and grow up to be gay. Some grow up to be straight. But all are damaged. Donnie and Rahsaan are two of the damaged, and I just hope they don't inspire too many more to seek the "cure", which never ends well.


if you put it like that I agree with you that they need to be out...it's been TOO long..

Taylor Siluwé

An April Fools Day "Syke"

Who was that who said when black celebs come out their careers are over? Wanda Sykes is gonna prove that to be wrong. Go Wanda! This will be my new show, no doubt!

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