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April 26, 2009



"Tooting our horn is cool, Darian Aaron did nothing wrong in doing so."


"And yet, I agree with Ka-os wholeheartedly."

I still stand by what I said, although I possibly went about it the wrong way, in hindsight.

"So, is Pro White anti Black, and vice versa?"

That question gives me a headache, especially after this past weekend of mudslinging. As you correctly point out, I didn't realise the minefield I was stepping into. Or, more accurately, I didn't expect the viciousness provoked by the exposure given on Darian's Facebook page. Darian's decision to do that made it personal and was uneccessarily nasty - pasting my picture all over his Facebook page, and asking his friends if I was Satan for calling him racist.

To clarify and reiterate for anyone who doesn't get it, I wasn't calling him personally a racist.

"But I think the ultimate goal for a rainbow flag waving community is to be all-inclusive -- like a resort. Isn't it?"

That's all I wanted to say. The question is, why do so many people strive against it? Responding to white racism with black racism - do two wrongs make a right?

One thing I've learnt from all of this is there's a lot of hate and bitterness out there. The way I see it, is there's white racists on one side, and black racists on the other. It's up to those of us who want change, for things to be different, to meet in the middle and make it happen.

The rest of them can go to hell. :)

Jason Green

Interesting post Taylor. There are great arguments on each side so they both have a degree of truth. I am a black gay man that has been in a thirteen year relationship with someone white. But I'm also one of those bloggers Darian was talking about. My blog addresses issues specifically for the African-American LGBT community. I have attended many black gay prides and black gay parties. I understand the desire to be around my folks - black same gender loving folks.

That being said, just last weekend I marched in the Phoenix gay pride parade. Phoenix is a city that is only four percent African-American. Although I love the feeling of being surrounded by other black LGBT people, I also understand the importance of being apart of the larger diverse rainbow community. And I don't attend just to make a statement, I genuinely enjoy Phoenix Pride. With as few black folks as we have in this city, I can still fellowship and embrace and celebrate with all that fall under the LGBT umbrella.

I think we're all smart enough to know that being pro-black does not mean that you are anti-white. I am very pro-black but when I look at my circle of friends they are black, white, Asian, hispanic and Native-American. They are young and old. They are straight, gay, lesbian, trans, and bisexual. They are couples and they are threesomes and they are single. They are all important to me and I learn from all of them. I refuse to dissect my community. But to me being pro-black means that I appreciate my culture and I value the success stories of those of my race. It does not mean that my race is superior to any other or that there are priviledges that are exclusive to us and none other.

This is where the controversy comes in. If a person says that he is pro-white, I immediately get a feeling that his definition of pro is not the same as mine. I hear pro-white and interpret it as white supremist. I have a problem with that. Last month I was in a store and the man in front of me in line was bald and he had White Power! tattoo-ed on his head. I'm pretty confident he was not just pro-white, he was a white supremist. And if your definition of pro-white puts you in a place better than me or any other person of color then you need to be checked.

And Taylor I have to say that I agree with you regarding the Shirley Q. Liquor thing. When I first heard him on RuPaul's Red Hot CD, I was laughing my ass off (granted from the CD I didn't know he was white when I heard him). But upon learning that he was white should I have then been offended? The Liquor vs. White Chicks argument is perfect. I think we can take some things a bit too far. And I realize I'll probably piss off a few people with this final comment also. But oh well - it is my truth.



Webster defines Racism as the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent SUPERIORITY of a particular race.

Presuming the White Bald Guy in the store thinks Whites are superior, than he's a racist. On the other hand, you supporting Black Power is not racist, if you're only seeking equal rights and you have no underlying belief that one race is superior to another. It really depends on a person's UNDERLYING BELIEFS more so than the terms "Pro White" or "Pro Black".

Currently in the U.S. there is NOT equality amongst the races in terms of eduction, income, wealth, heath care, etc.

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