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April 07, 2009


Nathan James

When I read that story on the MSN page, I was actually looking to see if this WAS a Chris Hansen "Dateline" sting. Oh, wait, wasn't Ovale just doing a little Bible study here? LOL! But religion only demonizes us gay ADULTS for our "sins" with OTHER gay adults. When Rabbi David Kaye was picked apart by Hansen on the "Predator" show, NBC got tons of complaints from the Jewish community.

Since then, Dateline hasn't aired one single clergyman getting busted. Now they just leave it up to the gendarmes...

Taylor Siluwé

Fortunately, most people don't have to be convinced that clergy are capable of all those nasty things regular people do. No one's shocked anymore.

What Dateline should really do is a story on all the COVER UPs by Church authorities when they find these bad apples. They never, EVER care about the victim, or seeing the perv locked up, all they care about is the Church and maintaining its good name and keeping the cash flowing.

People who sell paradise, heaven, or virgin pussy are all the same.

Greedy, control freak bastards of the highest order. AMEN.

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