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June 03, 2009



Is this safe to watch?


I'm not surprised Taylor, really, I'm not. Sometimes our biggest detractors are our brothers in sisters in the black LGBT Community. What comes to mind when I read this was remarks Bobby Blake made not long ago about gay men (it's posted on Darian's blog).

Taylor Siluwé

Bobby Blake is an idiot. But also a example of internalized homo hate.

But those hateful comments on YouTube over a little boy who obviously aspires to be a dancer just blew me away.

No wonder little gay boys opt for suicide than deal with the bullshit.

I hope every one of those hateful people is personally touched by the horrors of Bullycide.

I know that's a little evil, but I don't care.


So, so sad. At first, I was smiling affectionately to myself at our young brother, then the full horror of the hate he'll inevitably face dawned.

These kind of boys go two ways - suicide, or they end up hard as nails. Ain't it sad that this lil dude's innocence is going to be snuffed out-






I wish him all the best. I thought it was nice...he shows some potential, as if I know anything about show business. If he keeps show business in mind as he grows, he'll likely need a thick skin to succeed, I've heard, but he shouldn't have to be developing one at his age.

Taylor Siluwé

I just pray he's got a father who's not a neanderthal like some of those who commented. How anyone could think he's missing a masculine influence in his life (which he may well be, but the that's neither here nor there) and this is the reason the boy wants to dance like that. That's something that comes from within.

When I was his age I didn't dance in the mirror (though I did secretly lip-sync Streisand), but I played with bugs and frogs and snakes like a good little seemingly hetero boy. But I also remember that at that age is when I first became self-aware - after being told that I threw a ball like girl, or I ran like a sissy, etc etc.

I have high hopes for this kid. And higher hopes that his generation will finally accept people as they are born to be.


"I played with... snakes like a good little seemingly hetero boy."

Well now... I wonder what Freud would say?

Seriously though, I have hopes too. I was really heartened by the four black (very young) gay boys being silly and a bit fem and loud on Str8ville Road:


Whatever else, at least they had each other. I hope this kid kinds his true family too.


As someone who does know something about show business, he is starting out like just about every other male who is now dancing on Broadway, for a professional dance company, in a music video, at a Vegas review or on a cruise ship. He's being himself, demonstrating his talents, while others around him--who will probably wind up as front end manager at the local supermarket, if they are lucky--point their fingers and snicker.

Do your thing kid. I hope it takes you far away from the narrow minds.

Nathan James

God protect this kid from the abuses which await him. I hope he survives and thrives with his sanity intact. Shameful that he will have to suffer for who he is, but unfortunately that's the world we live in. I wonder all the time why I am still alive today, after all the hate and ridicule I've experienced...

This kid's talent should be encouraged, not scorned. I shudder to think about what the children of those YouTube bigots would go through if they ever came out to people like those...


Didn't get the see the video but from what I heard this boy was something special. I will pray to the orisha that protect little gay boys from wicked people. Light a candle to Ogoun on his behalf.

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