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August 21, 2010


Dan Collier

The harassment against Chi Chiz is outrageous. As a gay w/m who frequents Chi Chiz (not just my favorite gay bar in NYC, my favorite bar, period!), I have never found myself thinking that I'm in some lurid drug den. Other than sheer racism, I can't think of another reason why there is such antipathy to Chi Chiz. Fascinating that it is happening in the Village, with its reputation for embracing diversity. But then, given what Pres. Obama has faced in his first 19 months, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

Taylor Siluwé

Thanx for commenting, Dan ...

And it is outrageous, despite the opinion expressed by a dear friend of mine that the neighbors could have moved in when Chi Chiz was still a Thai restaurant and our now rightly concerned. However, Christopher has always been a 24hour kind of street in a city notorious for never sleeping. One can't move into the heart of the W. Village and then attempt to neutralize a particular element of that heart.

This fight will go on.

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