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September 24, 2010


Son of Baldwin

Tell it. Tell it. TELL IT!


Great article.As Son of Baldwin said, "Tell it. Tell it. TELL IT!"


I can not judge him because I am not God. What I do want to say is God will reveal. What saddens me is that the church is clapping and giving him praise when the truth has yet to be revealed. It seems as though the congregation is brain washed. If he is guilty, he may get away with it, but the real test is when he goes home with out the congregation clapping and hollering and tries to sleep at night; can he deal with himself, can he make peace in his heart, soul and mind. The biggest issue is, CAN U DEAL WITH SELF. What about the children, how do they feel, do they have anybody shouting and clapping with them. Bernice King was on the pulpit begging for money for the church, is that for its defense fund ? It needs to be put all in the hands of God, trust and believe he will shut it down if he has too. I have watch Long on TV for years and never seen his wife, now all of a sudden he wants to walk in with his wife. If you watch the video it looks forced and staged. She can smile and act like nothing is happening but she is the main one who knows the truth. She knows where her husband has been and with whom. Let God be the judge and every man a liar.

Taylor Siluwé

Yes, lets not judge, just expose the truth.

Let his congregation know that blind faith makes people gullible, makes the guilty feel more invincible. Lets make Eddie Long the poster boy for religious condemnation from the pulpit all the devastation it leaves in its wake.

Lets make this about the little boys who hang themselves rather than hear the word "faggot" one more time.

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