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September 28, 2010



Here's my comment when I posted the url on my Facebook page. Hope it meets with your approval.

Those of us not in the Black Gay Community, Gay or straight, religious or not, Black or whatever one is, also need to pay attention to this. Injustice is injustice.

The religious right, in general, is legitimized, if only to themselves, in its recycled "Massive Resistance" tactics by the homophobic Black church. If powerful preachers like the Bishop Long give their blessings to an anti-civil rights mov...ement...then what I said about conservative Evangelicals and their recycled scapegoating can be dismissed. We are not to notice what was once done by conservative Evangelicals. We are to forgive and forget...they are "us' after all. But, I say, I can forgive and forget...but you have to not remind me, over and over again, what I'm to forgive and forget.

I'm the real bigot, I've been told, for reading the anti-equality American religious history that took place in my youth, and noticing that it's looking like today's news...mostly as farce this time around, they're laughably pathetic. No marchers are being threatened like the Civil Rights marchers were. That is progress.

People, as Taylor points out, are not dying from slapstick pratfalls and pies in the face, however, at the antics of today's anti-Gay bigots, who, like the racists of my youth, profess to be motivated by "love" and doing God's will. They know what's best, nobody else...can or should question them. God says it...and you better believe it, or else. Chapter and verse they say, means that...God is also a bigot. I would hope not.

We are not all trained movie stuntmen, who can make dangerous situations funny and safe. The bigots have their power, and that power is pushing vulnerable people over the edge. Slapstick isn't funny when the pies in the face are full of acid...when real people get real dead.


You are so on point. I'm bothered that the gay community are not as vocal and active about this. The protest as least one a month here in L.A.

I expect better from the gays of ATL

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