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October 31, 2010



As if more ammunition were needed, a local Ugandan magazine (Rolling Stone, assuredly no relation to the US mag!!!) just this Monday, Nov. 1, published the names and photos of several gay women and men from Uganda. The magazine has made clear, through its editor and publisher, that it wants homosexuality eradicated (whatever that might mean?) from Uganda.

Last year, several Evangelical (so-called) Christians spent time in Uganda, backing Uganda's anti-gay political agenda. They were loud and proud of their role in denying gay Ugandans basic human rights. Only after they returned to America and received condemnation for their part in Uganda's gay witch hunts did these Evangelicals express regret for their part.

The regret was tepid, indeed.

Taylor Siluwé

Yes, the American Evangelicals like Lively and Engel's regret WAS tepid ... and also bullshit.

They surely want the eradication of homosexuals in Africa, and here at home in America.

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