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October 15, 2010



It's really a sad situation, and as you note, the second time he's lashed out about the alleged abuse at the hands of Chris Stokes. Didn't Marques Houston also have his own blow up? I really do hope they are able to find the help that will truly help them all, and very soon.

Taylor Siluwé

Yes, very sad, and Raz is totally believable as the abused victim. Marques Houston may have been a victim as well back in his Immature days, 'cause you know how common it is for Boy Band managers to be diddling the band.

I'd posted a vid awhile back when B2K was talking about a reality show. It was just after Raz made the first allegations, basically putting all B2K's bid'ness out there. None of them wanted to admit that they'd been abuse, and its not a stretch to figure out why.

I hope they don't let this go away. Abuse victims need to speak out, if only for their own sanity.

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