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November 06, 2010



My reviews of this are mixed. On the one hand I actually thought it was decent (having never read the source material); but on the other it was typical Tyler Perry...
Still processing it myself.


Thank you for speaking the truth about this film. I am old enough to be familiar with the play (which was done annually at my HBCU alma mater) and was nervous. But I think Tyler and the cast did an excellent job bringing this to contemporary times. Melodramatic is a term often employed by white folk when the emotions are too much, too frequent, too harsh. This film might get overlooked by critics and the Academy but I really hope people vote with their dollars...


I have to see this one again before reviewing it, but it was good...the performances were dead on!

Taylor Siluwé


I don't know what "typical Tyler Perry" is. If I did have to pick a certain tone, I'd say something that had heavy-handed Christian redemption overtones, which I didn't feel this had. If anything, I got from Whoopie Goldberg's character how ridiculous, deluded, unproductive, and dangerous religious obsession can be - which I've never gotten from a Perry flick before. I was quite surprised, and thrilled.


I agree, black flicks with painful, raw emotions are often difficult for the critics to process. I don't know why. So they say "too melodramatic", which, I assume, means the reviewer was forced to confront too many emotions they'd rather not deal with. I think that's sad, because these situations and emotions are all too real. The 'Leave It To Beaver' days are dead, actually, they were always dead.


This is certainly a film to see again. I don't think the full impact is apparent on the first viewing. I look forward to owning a copy so I can do just that.

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