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November 27, 2010



Wow, so no wonder Omarion's mother put up with Stokes abuse. She's might be a child molester herself. This is so messed up. I pray for Immature and B2K. I use to be a huge fan of Immature back in the day. Also I think everyone should stop giving Marques Houston a hard time. At the time when Marques was FORCED to perform sexual acts on Quindon and members of B2K, he too was a child. Let us not forget that. There is only a 3 to 4 year difference between Marques and Raz B. There is only a one year difference between Marques and Quindon. Marques Houston was a baby himself. So stop calling him a child molester. The real molesters are Taz, Stokes and his sister Smooth.

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