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November 07, 2010


Liberator Émigré Éire

Maybe someone should send this to Will Smith:

Sell your kid's souls = Kids end up f**ked

I remember when B2K were, briefly, the biggest, hottest thing on the face of the earth. Who would've thought it'd end up like this...?

Taylor Siluwé

Yes yes ...

Not that it should come as a surprise. Child stars more often than not grow up completely delusional about the real world, are woefully ill-equipped for the inevitable moment when their star crashes and burns, sadly, to the delight of many of the same fans who elevated them in the first place. The list of names is too lengthy to mention, but Will and Jada should certainly take preventative steps to keep their royal brood very well grounded.

Like you said, a few short years ago B2K were the boy-morsel toasts of the town. Now they are a joke, and all four of them are having difficulties dealing with that fact. Throw in the sexual abuse and the case is just sad beyond belief.

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