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December 10, 2010



this just pissed me off, the ignorance of these people are astouding. and as usual he gave no straight answer.. why must these biggots spearhead these hateful campaigns but dont have the balls to provide a strand of factual evidence... You arent saving your children, if that were the case men and women wouldnt be raping and selling kids...and you noticed how he said "i love the gays", well now they all hate u.. im just sayin


Yes, with "love" like that, who needs hate? Talk about perversion...his "love" would have scared the Marquis de Sade.

Taylor Siluwé

Every little gay person wants to be so loved. But she made the connection to the root of this evil right here at home, which people need to realize isn't so far fetched.

Yes. They want us rounded up at home in America, too.

Nathan James

Yes, Taylor, you are absolutely correct. There are many members of Congress and other government officials who are watching what happens in Uganda very closely. They are looking to see whether, amd how, a "Kill The Gays" law could be passed and enforced. I cannot conceive of any real reason for Bahati to be in Washington, trying to get support for a bill in Uganda, other than to discuss ways to make the same thing happen here. Yes, I said it.

Anyone who says I'm crazy, and that something like this could never happen here, should read a little history. Germany just before World War II, was the most advanced, well-educated society on Earth. That didn't stop the Nazis from doing their utmost to kill every single gay person, Jew, Pole, Russian, trade unionist, dissident, and disabled person they could find. The Nazis, by law, systematically extirpated any group they didn't like, from German social life, and then killed them in numbers that still beggar the imagination. People thought then, too, "it can't happen here".

Uganda is a test bed, a petri dish, an experiment, in how well the people of a country can be made to believe what the government tells them, anmd whether, like Nazi Germany in the Forties, they can be made willing accomplices in the wholesale murder of a minority by the State. Believe me when I tell you the whole world is watching, but not necessarily to condemn Uganda for its coming gay holocaust. Some will be applauding what Uganda does.

There will be an emergency Town Hall meeting today at 1 PM in the Rehoboth Temple Christ Conscious Church, 310 W. 139th Street (C train to 135), to address this appalling attempt by Uganda's government to commit state sanctioned murder on an unspeakable scale.


Mr. Bahati kept referring to God but did not explain the theology. He never once referred to child prostitution - where children would be paid to perform gay sex - but claims children are being paid to be gay. I support laws against child prostitution; why doesn't he? He spoke of evidence which he does not supply amid promises to do so. He spoke of educating gays to change and become not gay without any reference whatsoever to how this can be done. He only answered references to evidence that what he is saying is false by saying the references are American and that he represents only Uganda. Yet, everything he says is very American in the sense that it is coming from American homophobic liars with an agenda. This guy is an opportunistic dupe.

Taylor Siluwé

On my Facebook posting of this article, a gay man who is very pro-black called Rachel a "white leftist lesbian" who didn't understand Ugandan culture. He also asserted that white men have been going to Uganda paying people to be gay (which, must mean paying for sex). Naturally, my temperature rose when I responded.

"ONLY Rachel is keeping this Uganda situation and its roots with American evangelicals in the spotlight. No one else with any stature or platform is. I wouldn't care if Rush Limbaugh was railing against the bill, I hate him but I'd be thrilled he's finally doing something for good (which he never would).

We have black leaders in the country and church leaders as well, with most of the most vocal of the church leaders completely mum on The Family and their evil tentacles in Uganda. Most don't give a shit what happens to America's same gender loving community let alone Africa's.

So when, as you say, a "white leftist lesbian" speaks out on a wildly popular national television show about the coming gay genocide in Uganda (and beyond), she should be praised. And I don't think one needs to be well versed in Ugandan culture to take a stand. I certainly am not, but I know right from wrong, and I definitely know ignorance when I see it.

Yes, horny men have been traveling the world to have their way with poor young men throughout history. The ones who do this are not always white, I'm sure you know. As a matter of fact, I know many MANY black gay men who do the same damn thing. Why do you think Santo Domingo is so popular a vacation spot with many in our community?

The issue here is Bahati, and his twisted view that he can 'love' gays by locking them up or killing them."

So yes, "opportunistic dupe" is putting it lightly. I'm glad he quickly left the country. I'll be even happier if he never comes back. But we must squash this evil here at home if we hope to help our brothers and sisters in Africa.

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