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January 08, 2011



Excellent post Taylor! I am going to comment in depth later! I'm doing a post on the same issue.
Furies save us...

Nathan James

The pima County sheriff, in a presser just moments ago, said Arizona has become a "Mecca" for "bigotry and prejudice", and cited "vitriolic rhetoric" as a precipitating factor in today's horrible massacre. There IS a difference between protected free speech, and the kind of incitements to violence we see coming from the far right. People like Palin and Beck, IMHO, know full well the effect their words may have, but continue to use such rhetoric to get their base worked up. Unfortunately, this is what sometimes results.


I saw the same press meeting with Brewer and I didn't get same impression as you did. What I got was a calculating politician who claimed friendship where none existed. I think that just because you appear on the same stage together once in a while or campaign in the same district here and there isn't quite the same as having lunch together or calling each other up to see how the other one is doing or calling each other friends.

Taylor Siluwé

I agree, Curious ...

But I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She claims they were friends, I take her at her word. But I still dubbed her the Wicked Witch of Arizona for letting patients die (and for the climate of hate in her state).

So I think that made up for any warm and fuzzies she gave off with that press conference. I still think she's a reptile.

Account Deleted

It is so alarming and super scary to be shot while you are somewhere doing your thing. It is always important to be a friend to everybody. :-)
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