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December 08, 2010



Well come on, Didn't we know he was gay already i mean i figured like many others. There are loads of undercover musical artists. It could help and/or destroy their careers if they come out especially all of the "BABYMAKERS" such as Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Usher, Ne-Yo, etc. But hey B Hines is a cutie and so are the other ones...im not hatin lol

Taylor Siluwé

I always 'felt' Trey was family - but that could mean I just wanted to hit it all night. ;-)

And yes, the first black male chart-topper to come out could take a hit career-wise. But the only way to change that potential is for it to become passé - like been there done that, like a black basketball player (don't laugh, there was a time when that was a shocker), like an anti-gay Bishop with a boy-puzzy jones.

But the ONLY WAY that's gonna happen is for all these self-proclaimed (excuse the expression) "real niggas" to actually live up to that mantra. Real men have the balls to be who they are, no exceptions or excuses.


If that's the case lets talk about Brian Slade formerly known as the gospel artist Tonex... Of course we (the gays) have embraced him with open arms, but where is his career now, especially with the self hating gays like Donnie McClurkin, slandering his name and craft... There's gonna be alot of celeb coming out stories before Sexually becomes a non issue until them im not mad at them for keepin it quiet and banking that money...

Taylor Siluwé

I don't begrudge the ones trying to make their money, and riding the wave for awhile. But there comes a point in all our lives when we have to take a stand for something, for what we truly care about the most.

But quite honestly, some people don't care about anything outside of themselves. I get that. But it pains my soul when I read about African gays being brutalized and threatened with execution knowing that our home-grown American evangelicals are the cause of it. This may seem like a segue but its not. Black Gay America doesn't stand up for itself here at home with many actually paying tithes to those same oppressors.

It's about more than the supposition and innuendo presented here. It's like we're a massive fist too frightened to strike. And it burns me.


Well,u cant really blame Trey if he feels that being on the DL is best for him cos i guess he realizes that his career will be affected.He is young n all n might not really think he is gay even if it is said he prefers guys.Some people remain in denial till they feel(if ever)they can confidently come out.I guess he might want to make as much money as he can before he decides to take this step that people may be feeling is expected of him.

Taylor Siluwé

Yeah, Stell ... I give Trey a little slack for youthful denial and confusion.

But then again, today's youth are more knowledgeable than ever before, more confident to be themselves than ever before. So this should be the perfect time for a black male chart topper to come and say "Hey, I'm gay, there are a bunch of us on the billboard charts, scoring in the NBA and everywhere else. Always has been. Live with it."

That bold black soul will be praised by some. Others will hate him. But that goes with being a leader and a trend-setter. Bottomline is that there is enough hate in the world. So if its love, then the Lord won't mind. Period.


Maybe something will happen to bolden him up.I agree with u that he should state clearly where he stands cos all this hanky panky games might just eventually take very embarrassing turns.But the media in America can be so cruel with their news reports that if u arent composed enough,ur life can end up devastated.I guess he feels he might lose all his female fans who love him to bits n producers n top musicians wouldnt want to do colabos with him anymore.The guy is scared i guess.

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